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Originally Posted by prepress View Post
I sometimes like to look ahead, namely, what would I do if a component went down with no hope of repair or was otherwise gone. For example, I already know what I would do if my speakers or amps needed replacing. Recently I was considering this with regard to my trusty Audio Research LS3 preamp, serving well since 1994. I have no upgrade plans but the time may come when it, too, would need replacing. I have identified the Bryston BP-16, Cambridge Audio 840E, Parasound JC 2 (though the long break-in time bothers me a bit), and the Macintosh C48 as possibilities; the JC 2 and C48 are at the limit of my likely spending ability, which shrinks as retirement gets closer (about 9 years, Lord willing).

I would be curious as to whether anyone has experience with any of the above they would share. Or perhaps with another worthwhile contender. Reviews are a source, specs another, but user info helps too. The C48 is obvious, since I have 501s, but that isn't a given. I consider solid-state only, as I'm not a tube fan. Thanks.
which shrinks as retirement gets closer (about 9 years, Lord willing).
I wish you the best on the up coming retirement.
Thank goodness I made it.
And I never ever even remotely thought of looking back and regretting it for even a second.

Up-Dated January 15th 2020

Pre-Amp Processor: Marantz AV8805
Blu-Ray Player: Panasonic UB9000 4K Blu-ray player
Roku: 2019 Ultra 4K Streaming Player
Projector: JVC RS4500 Laser
Screen: Stewart (Firehawk) 1.35 gain 123" 16x9 W/4-Way Remote Masking
Speakers: JM Lab Utopia Mezzo Front, Center Utopia, Side Utopia, Rear Mini Utopia
Subwoofers: 4-Mirage BPS400 sitting on 4 "Auralex Great Gramma" pads
Cables: Transparent TW Plus w/Plus Bricks
Amps: Classe', 2-CA201, 3-CAM350
Power: All Separate 20-Amp Circuits W/Dedicated Hospital Grade Receptacles
Power Conditioners: 1-Richard Gray RGPC-1200S, 7-RGPC-400S
Panamax: MB1500 Back up Power Unit for JVC RS4500
ATM: (Active Thermal Management)
Eaton: Surge Protector
CRITEC TDX100M: Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor
Cooling: 3-sets of Z-Fans, Cool-Stack I, Suncourt Variable Speed Thru Wall Fan
Mid Atlantic: Track 50" rack slide out
Sanus CFR1620: Rack W/Middle Atlantic 4-Post H/D Shelves
Room Acoustic: Acoustic Innovations panels
Seating: Ekornes Stressless Wave
Area Shag Rug: Liliah Deep Black by Andover Mills 12' x 15' Rectangle

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