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Originally Posted by Formerly YB-2 View Post
Joel - have you visited the Nagra factory. They seem to be in your 'backyard'.

Indeed. In order to support the Belgian economy I just purchased 3x 17.6oz chocolate bars (two with almonds) for my brother (the chocoholic) for his 79th birthday. Easy to find Belgian in Trader Joe's or Aldi's. Swiss chocolate, like Nagra, not so easy to find around here.
Glenn, I have been in touch with Nagra regarding some questions I had about my Jazz preamp, they were very reactive and helpful. I also owned their 300p power amp in the past and seriously considered acquiring their Classic power amp. I attended several of their product presentations at audio shows. But I didn't have the chance to visit their factory yet.

There are actually several manufacturers located within 1 hour drive around Lake Geneva: DarTZeel, Goldmund, CH Precision, Nagra, Swissonor, Audio Consulting, AvantGarde (not the German one!), Credo, Jean Maurer/Lectron.

Since we're at it, a bit further away but still in the French speaking part we have: Merging/Nadac, Orpheus, Rowen, Stenheim, PSI Audio and the Daniel Hertz (Mark Levinson!) production site if it's still there.

And on the German speaking side: FM Acoustics, Soulution, Weiss, Merason, Piega, Boenicke, Tobian, Illusonic, Holborne, Ensemble, Colotube, DaVinci, Thales, Benz/Lukaschek, Vovox, Swisscables. I'm probably missing a few...

Once the C19 situation improves I'd be happy to organise a few factory visits (in the French speaking side) with a group of interested AA members. We could combine this with a tour of the Patek Philippe Museum and of the Rolex shop (for the watch lovers and since we can't visit their factory) and last but not least some chocolate tasting (everybody digs chocolate!)
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