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Originally Posted by mac71 View Post
Originally Posted by Formerly YB-2 View Post
Believe you must be at least a forum "Subscriber" to post pic's.
what exactly does this mean in practice? My system is on facebook, it's a pity I can't post some photos here
Look at the "Site News........" section (4th from top?) for info on becoming a subscriber and attendant benefits.

You may be able to post a link to your faceplant page, but not sure if that is legal under the forums rules.

Originally Posted by mac71 View Post
It's true, that's why I have audioquest redwood biwire,... but I mean the solution that Ivan presented,
If you notice in Ivan's pic's he is also biwiring the input to the speakers. That is what made the difference for my Ref 9Ks where I use WW Silver 7 biwire cables.
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