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Default Follow up re Recovery + DAC 2v2 SE

Hello again.

A brief follow up, the DAC 2v2 SE now a few months old. Well, it's all the more clear that the Recovery justifies its place in the system.

Simply taking the Recovery away, and leaving everything else as is, results in less definition. This translates (in my system at least) to less precision in the placement of instruments across the soundstage, less drive in the bass, and (most unexpectedly) a noticeable etch in the highs. The latter really was unexpected, as I always thought that the highs were a strength of the system. Without the Recovery, I found myself playing familiar tracks at a slightly reduced volume level in order to avoid the glare in the highs - perhaps it would not have been a serious issue without the direct comparison against the system including the Recovery; but, once the improvement is heard, it's very hard to go back.

What's more, the DAC 2v2 SE has a facility where you can adjust the "Jitter Eliminator." The Wyred staff suggest decreasing the jitter elimination can improve the sound - and I agree. My experience, once the unit has some hours on it, then it's pretty clear that the sonics feel more spacious and natural with less jitter elimination. And here is where the Recovery comes in - I found that I could use a very low (one asterisk) jitter elimination with the Recovery: practically speaking, there are no drop outs. However, without the Recovery, the same tracks seem to generate drop-outs - to the point where I had to increase the jitter elimination back to the factory setting (three asterisks).

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Another interesting finding - the DAC 2v2 SE seems to enjoy upsampled tracks far more than the original DAC 2 DSD SE. Previously, I had Pure Music 3 feeding the original 44.1 signals from ripped CDs (Apple Lossless)- I didn't find upsampling of much benefit, and, at times, felt it might add an unnatural quality to things - I say "might" as it wasn't something that obvious, but certainly I could not convince myself that upsampling improved the listening experience. With the version 2, upsampling to 352.8 does bring a nice benefit - things sound richer, with more depth to the soundstage, a hint more openness and ease. With or without the Recovery, these benefits seems to be there.

Anyway, the DAC 2v2 SE is great - and all the greater with the Recovery.

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