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Default Cheers!

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

And thanks Wyred for the excellent products; perhaps also a word of appreciation to all the reviewers, anonymous and professional - singing the praises of Wyred is a service to all audiophiles - certainly for me it allowed me to purchase my first Wyred product (the ST1000) with some confidence. That was some eight years ago.

As you can tell from my system, I'm a fan. And there's an STi500 in another room for a basic 2.1 home theatre, with a projector and an Oppo Blu-ray player.

What's more I can vouch for their great reliability - no issues at all. Several friends have purchased Wyred products after hearing the system - and they too are very satisfied.

I'll post a follow up re the Recovery/DAC 2V2 SE in a few weeks.
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