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Default Focal Scala V2 vs B&W 802D3?

I currently own the 802d3, which is paired with Mcintosh 601's. The 802D3 image really well and really can disappear. Female vocals are pretty amazing, and in general higher frequencies are quite good. However, I am looking for something with even more realism, identity, and even more precise imaging focus with greater depth. the 802d3s seem to be lacking in 3d soundstage. I also have a pair of REL 25's that take care of everything below 36 hz so i will be incorporating those as well. I have pretty much maxed out my sources and cabling etc, as you can see in my signature, so I feel now i need to upgrade my speakers.

I am looking to possibly upgrade speakers in the next 6-9 months, and was looking at the Focal Scalas vs SF Cremonese.

I am looking to integrate these speakers as part of my home theater as well (I have a 2 channel/7.1 hybrid system, don't have the space for 2 separate rooms). My center channel is the HTM1.

Suggestions? I've been told that my room is too small for the maestro.

My room is 19' x 21' x 8.
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