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How large is your room?
Have you listened to Confidence 20's?

Copy/paste of my post from another forum - 3-4 weeks ago:

"Finally I got a chance to listen to the Heritage Special's for a few hours.

In short - they are very good speakers for smaller rooms, but pretty far from "Confidence killers" as someone could conclude from meny reviews and opinions online - both professional and user (on forums, FB groups...).

If you ask me - the difference in price is 100% justified.

They sound somewhat "lean" and unbalanced - to me. Yes, the bass is fast, controlled, precise, but it's missing both its body and the texture and that appears to affect the whole frequency range - from the bottom to the top. In some moments during the listening of double bass (e.g. "Ray Brown, John Clayton, Christian McBride - SuperBass" or "The Ray Brown Trio - Summer Wind: Live at the Loa" albums) I got the feeling almost like I was listening to the strings without a wooden body. The resolution is there, the details are there, but the full "body" of a sound is partially missing. And that is not how I felt only for instruments which play (very) low tones - it's pretty similar with other instruments. They are pretty well positioned in the space (although the soundstage depth could be somewhat better), but they are smaller in volume than they should be.

Just to add, that this exact description can be "attached" to many high quaity bookshelf speakes - that is something that I'm missing in sound when I'm listening to them. With Confidence 20's and also Contour 20's I don't have this issue. Of course, Contour 20's have their own drawbacks compared with both Conficence and Heritege, but if you ask me to choose between Heritage and Contour 20 - it's a tough task. Maaaaybe I'm closer to Heritage, because they really have significantly better resolution and transparency, but I wouldn't be too happy. With Confidence 20's - yes, I would be missing my Confidence 50's a lot and also my subs - but I'm sure that after some time I could adapt to their sound and to be pretty happy with them.

Of course, YMMV.

Just to add that the "test" system is pretty decent
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