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Originally Posted by Formerly YB-2 View Post
We probably should stop hogging this thread as it is drifting away from the Sabrinas (great speakers ).
You might want to re-read the review. Rated at 80wpc and makes 39.6wpc at the normally accepted level of distortion for same. Even at the much higher distortion level it only makes 51.6wpc. Regardless of how tested the 170IQ did not make its stated power. That would not work for me. If the mfgr tells me it makes 80wpc it better make 80wpc.
In addition, the last paragraph by JA states, "....this amplifier will change sonic character with every loudspeaker it is used with." And nowhere in the body or conclusion by JM does she state, ".....highly recommended." For me, damned by faint praise.
A little birdie tells me that SabrinaX and the new ARC i50 Integrated is a match made in heaven.

Another one says the same about the match with Sabrina.

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