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Dilettante 10-27-2020 03:52 PM

Upcoming Classe HT processor (SSP 800's replacement)
Heard from a reliable source that Classe is working on a new HT (home theater) processor to replace the iconic SSP 800. Heard that the new HT processor will be equipped with Dirac Live room correction. But the retail price will probably be close to $20k or possibly more. They are also working on multi-channel amp and is expected to be expensive too.
But we won't be seeing them for another year I think.

silversurfer6 10-28-2020 04:30 PM

This is great news. You mow have behind Denon & Marantz digital engineering and the latest chips. Let’s if the rumour materializes and how much tine they need.

Dilettante 10-28-2020 05:18 PM

I still own the Classe SSP 800 and it is an excellent sounding unit, especially when used as a stereo preamp for listening to music, this is where the SSP 800 stands out. Its stereo performance fares with those high end stereo preamps in the $5k to $7k ranges. It is a very musical sounding pre pro. It excels in both stereo music and surround sound movies besides lacking auto room correction, but instead Classe provided manual PEQ.
However, the SSP 800 is pretty barebone lacking features bells & whistles. It does not process video, it simply switches it, no video processor/upscaler. No multi-zone control, no built-in streaming apps like those found in cheaper Japanese processors eg Denon Marantz Onkyo/Integra Yamaha, etc. I never found those omissions a deal breaker. What I'm after is a pure sound quality.

So, the new upcoming replacement for the SSP 800 will be expected to sound better than the SSP 800 and will most likely be equipped with Dirac Live room correction but there will be no multi-zone control, video processor/upscaler or built-in streaming apps.

silversurfer6 10-28-2020 05:21 PM

Exactly. And the only competition IF Classe goes above 15 channels - which they should - by a modular approach is Trinnov and Datasat. Classe has the advantage now of the latest chips and advanced HDMI knowledge. The big problem with exotic home theater processors the last 10 years has been first reliability and second pure audio performance. Classe has the advantege on this.

Dilettante 10-29-2020 02:13 AM

Not sure if Classe will go that many channels with their new HT processors. Well, now with the additional Atmos channels it's highly possible that they will go beyond 13 channels if you include those Atmos ceiling height channels. Will see. I have met with Dave Nauber of Classe several times at the annual music matter events at my local dealer in the past and Dave told me that he always believes in having less channels and optimize those channels in order to reproduce best possible sound rather than having abundant channels but each channel isn't quite optimized for best possible sound.

Speaking of advanced HDMI knowledge and latest chips, yes Classe now has the advantage being a sister company to Denon & Marantz to apply and implement them in their new HT processors. Actually I never had major issue with my SSP 800, just minor hiccup every once in a great while which requires a reboot. But I must say the HDMI handshake between my SSP 800 and the Oppo 105 and my Sony TV could be kinda frustrating at times for some people. I've had my SSP 800 since 2011 I think. been a while. I will keep using it until Classe releases the new HT processor to replace it. So far when used for music (stereo) the only high end HT pre pro that beats the SSP 800 in sound quality for stereo would be the Meridian Reference 861 v8 which retails for $32k. I have not had a chance to compare the SSP 800 with the Theta Casablance lV for stereo music. Heard from other people that the Theta Casablance lV crushes the SSP 800 in stereo but I have yet to listen and compare between the two. So I can't comment. Well.....I wouldn't be surprised considering that the Theta Casablanca lV retails for far more expensive than the original retail price of the SSP 800.

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