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timm 08-11-2018 09:44 PM

Big Maggie's and subs
So - I have had my 20.7s for about a year now and never felt a need or a want for a sub. But - I have a ML Descent hanging around and after reading one of the threads - and suggestions by nicoff I decided to try and throw it into the mix. The descent is designed to mate with the Martin Logan stats.

Initially I didn't like it - in fact I thought it seemed to decrease the low end somehow possibly thru cancellation. So, the next day decided to try and decrease the volume substantially - but increase a separate volume control set at 25hz. Uh... I think something good happened. Essentially I have the Maggie goodness with subsonic room pressure. My room is 17x30

I am going to keep fiddling -and will be going back n forth a bit. But right now it is staying. I feel like a sinner.

Can anyone comment on phase and general experiences w subs and Maggie's. Currently I have the phase at 180 - my pre inverses phase - so I thought that would be an appropriate setting.

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