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Formerly YB-2 06-10-2010 09:01 PM

Any Competition Shooters?
Here's a pic of my three bullseye pistols. The revolver is a 6" S&W 586 that's been back to the factory for their master revolver package. Wolff spring-set. Shooting wad-cutters pushed by 4gr of 231. Second pistol is an S&W 41 with the 5" target barrel. It likes Federal Gold Medal 711B. Thankfully, I bought a case of it last year before they cheapened it. Is a Herrett Int'l adjustable target grip. Behind the Model 41 is an S&W 952 long-slide in the rare 2-tone finish. Pushing 115gr RNL Meisters with 5.2gr of WSF. Red-Dot mounted by Dr. Nick at Mountain Competition Pistols. Goes back to him in the fall to get the trigger to 2.5 pounds to meet the NRA centerfire minimum. Needless to say, I feel about S&W like I do about McIntosh..............there are other manufacturers of pistols, but they are just pretenders. Especially revolvers.
Also shoot a WOP AR in service rifle (200yd off-hand, 200yd rapid-fire sitting, 300yd rapid-fire prone & 600yd prone), correct grade '54 SA M-1 in wooden rifle matches & CMP matches, a Remington 40-X rimfire sporter in 200yd silhouette and a Kimber 82G rimfire in 50yd benchrest.
Sporting clays with a CSMC RBL Launch Edition Reserve 20ga. Thinking of shooting high-power sporter with the Model 70 Classic in 30-06. Always another competition to shoot.

two dot 06-10-2010 10:57 PM

I used to live for shooting competition sporting clays and live pigeons.

Shot a lot of different guns, Krieghoff's, Perazzis', Beretta's... Did most of my live bird shooting with SXS competition guns. (M21, Perazzi)

CSMC are fine guns... is Tony still running things?

Masterlu 06-10-2010 11:30 PM

I have 2 STI's, 38 Super & 40 Extreme

Formerly YB-2 06-11-2010 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by two dot (Post 87441)
I used to live for shooting competition sporting clays and live pigeons. Shot a lot of different guns, Krieghoff's, Perazzis', Beretta's... Did most of my live bird shooting with SXS competition guns. (M21, Perazzi). CSMC are fine guns... is Tony still running things?

To the best of my knowledge Tony is still 'the man' at CSMC. With our record wet this past winter and spring it takes a can of OFF to get through our local sporting clays without being covered with ticks. Nothing like a nicely balanced SxS for upland birds and sporting clays. Can become addictive.

Mighty Favog 06-18-2010 08:51 PM

Here's one I used to play with many years ago. War wounds and all.

Oh.......and I built it myself.:D

Formerly YB-2 06-19-2010 06:44 AM

You must have quite the machineshop.

Am off to shoot 50ft NRA rimfire 3-position in about an hour. I'm pretty shaky in the off-hand. Luckily, so are my fellow competitors. This is a Remington 40-X with a standard barrel and thumbhole stock. Removed the scope and put on a set of Redfield International sights for the iron-sight events. All the newspaper is from sanding out the barrel-channel in a 700 BDL in which the 40-X will go to meet the 10lb 2oz weight requirement for 200yd silhouette, which is my favorite event. Shoot it the first Saturday of each month. Scopes in the morning and iron-sights in the afternoon. Great fun to knock over those pieces of steel (chickens 50yd, rams 200, turkeys 150 and pigs 100).

Masterlu 06-19-2010 06:56 AM

Here's my baby!

USA STI Xtreme Deluxe Pistol 40 Caliber : Manny USA: AR-15 Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Accessoires

1KW 06-19-2010 07:19 AM

My wife wants to join a gun club

Masterlu 06-19-2010 07:33 AM


Originally Posted by 1KW (Post 88939)
My wife wants to join a gun club

How about a Condo in So Florida?


vintage_tube 06-19-2010 07:46 AM

Sorry to TC -- but thought you'd be interested in this short story.

My Dad, retired 30 year USCG, started out early in his career as a small arms instructor for the USCG & one of his assignments was the 6 lane, 50 foot range in the basement of the US Treasury (next to the White House & yes, there is an underground walkway from the WH to the Treasury building---SS, WHP, etc used it all the time to get to the range).

There he taught, refined the shooting abilities of, recorded shooting scores of the Secret Service, FBI, WH Police, Treasury Police, Presidential Plane Crew, Army Signal Corps (who supported WH communications), and the CIA (as Langley was in the stages of being built at the tme).

Each entity had their own scoring books maintained by the USCG operators of the range. Monthly reports would be sent to each groups headquarters with name, date of qualifying, and score.

He reported that when he reported to the range on day 1 and was being orientated to the operation, he was told, now Carl we have some CIA folks that drop in for qualifying or just to shoot. We record their scores in the CCO book. As he was being told this, he responded and said, who the hell is the CIA. When informed he asked what was CCO and was informed they refer to them as Chief Coordinators Office personnel.

The SS had 2 civilians in the ammo room who made their (SS) own 38 ammo. These two also maintained their weapons for maintenance. The USCG ordered ammo for everyone else (22, 38 and 45).

When he was there, he was heavilly involved with being a member of the USCG Headquarters pistol team and I recall as a kid, every weekend he was gone to a match in the area. Either to somewhere in VA/MD. Pistol teams flourished in those days amoungst the groups & local/state police agencies.

He tells me he was an NRA Master Shooter and at that level, he said to win matches was extremely tough -- adding to say, some of those shooters in his class were very, very good. I asked him yesterday, did he save any of his trophies -- only one he tells me (which I haven't seen in 40 years) and all his patches -- only has a couple in a shoe box. He wishes he saved all that stuff -- but being in the military, you move so often, that eventually, stuff gets tossed).

One last thing -- I was 11 when he was assigned to the range and enjoyed going down there (walking by armed Treasury guards w/12 gauge shotguns, sitting in "cells" surrounded by stacks of paper money & coins). Of course, I did plenty of shooting when I was able to tag along for a day. It was alot of fun & got my first taste of making ammo -- from pouring the lead to encasement.

I still have his match 45 which he gave me years ago.


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