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prepress 05-10-2019 07:03 PM

I have a bit of a dilemma. I own a Pioneer Elite 88FD and had gotten used to the sound of the ESS Sabre DAC, which, though a lighter tonal balance compared to the 09FD's Wolfson DACs, was quite good. The 88 is now out for repair due to the failure of the disc tray to open either from the remote or the open/close button on the player chassis. The 09 is back in the system and I'm realizing how much I missed the 09's sound. I was actually thinking the 88 may not get its place back when it returns.

Now the LX500, also Pioneer Elite, is on the radar and it uses the new-to-me) AKM DAC. Preliminary research suggests its sound will be akin to the Wolfson's. A couple of owners on another forum rave about its musicality. I'm sure the VP is top-notch also. I want one, but won't need three BD players (four, if I count the original Oppo BDP-83 serving as back-up). I may consider selling the 88, or doing a video comparison with the 09 to see if one's better and using the winner in place of the Oppo. Buying another BD player would make little sense, especially since money (and space) is tight. But it's under consideration.

prepress 06-04-2019 06:48 PM

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Heard fom the repair shop, finally. The 88's disc drive needs replacing. The cost is $318.73, added to the $95 deposit they have now. Ouch. After a quick bit of brain-wringing, I decided to let them fix it. They said it could be ready for pickup as soon as Friday. They'll call.

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