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audibleguy 11-03-2020 08:42 PM

Looking for input on a comparison, comments, pros and cons on each of these preamps. Have to drive a 30 ft. long pair of balanced interconnects to a BAT solid state amp.

Formerly YB-2 11-04-2020 10:12 PM

I would give BAT a call and ask them about driving that 30ft pair of ICs. They should be able to tell you if one is better than the other in that particular application.
The 42 will be two generations newer, so less chance of needing a recap or other maintenance like the EL display, which was something of a weak point in their older (the 50) gear. I had to have one replaced in my VK-300 integrated.

audibleguy 11-05-2020 01:03 PM

Thanks for the information, my VK-50SE has already been back to BAT for new output caps, new tube sockets, new display and new tubes and it is driving my 30' pair of balanced interconnects, just not sure about the solid state preamp from BAT.

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