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Analog Addict 02-05-2023 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Showme (Post 1071606)
I like to keep a backup set of tubes for all my gear. I'd welcome suggestions to watch for to buy for my LP-2030.

You should be able to use 71A/12A/01A interchangeably. All come in Globe and ST shape. As I recall, there were over 400 different brands of 01A alone. It’s a huge rabbit hole…

Dambala 02-08-2023 09:14 PM

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My new Kleen-Sweep is in the house, it's pretty awesome. Thought I'd share a few pix.

Masterlu 02-08-2023 10:10 PM

How Sweet it is! :)

Isaacc7 02-09-2023 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Dambala (Post 1071697)
My new Kleen-Sweep is in the house, it's pretty awesome. Thought I'd share a few pix.

Congrats! I love it when amps use unusual tubes, bet it sounds amazing!

Dambala 02-09-2023 08:08 PM

It does sound pretty amazing, quiet as a mouse. I'm using some temporary speakers that are 82 dB efficient (Pioneer SP-BS21-LR) and they sound better than ever. I will be getting my Omega Super 7 Monitor MK2 speakers next week and they are single driver and 94.5 dB at 8 ohms - I expect pairing them together will have great synergy for my daily listening at low volumes.

mark jaso 02-10-2023 11:34 AM

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cgn-dt-n 02-10-2023 05:44 PM

The phono stage has arrived.
Great device, now what belongs together plays together.
LP2030, 300b-DH, PH-1A SET

The first impression after connecting is very good.
For a phono stage with 43db gain it is very quiet.
Very little noise and a small buzz from the speaker
when the volume knob on the PRE is fully turned up.
My transistor wasn't quieter either.

The first thing you notice is a great vocal range. Very good resolution in the treble range. The bass could be a little tighter and faster but is miles away from thickened and slow.

But the device has only been in operation for 15 minutes and I have several 6SL7, ECC83 and 5Y3 to change tubes and various silver cables I also have. I think there will be a lot of changes in terms of sound.

Now a red wine and a little Leonard Cohen.

Leave the phono stage on until Sunday, and will certainly be pleasantly surprised what happens until then in terms of sound.

The first impression is very positive. the device has the same class as the other devices from Dennis and deserves a place in Olympus. by cgn- dt-n, auf Flickr by cgn- dt-n, auf Flickr

Isaacc7 02-10-2023 11:14 PM

An all Had setup, sweet! Plus the color coordination is on point too. Was that the real reason for buying the amps? Lol.

Showme 02-10-2023 11:46 PM

What’s the significance of the 300-v designated as DJH OR DH?

cgn-dt-n 02-11-2023 05:51 AM

Midlife Crisis red is a beautiful color and fits my age, my car and the speakers. but joking aside, I actually wanted something in chrome, but I didn't like the sound tuning of Jadis at all. Symphonic Line has a tube pre, very good, but also very expensive. I was a customer of the former Cary Audio distributor 30 years ago and so the circle closed to the products of Inspire. The best choice I have ever made!!!

The correct name of the power amplifier is 300b DJH, forgot a letter, can happen at my age.

It has 2 driver tubes 6SL7, larger output transformers than the 300b-V and no volume regulator.

Where exactly the differences are I do not know, because I have no idea about the technology, but only good ears and I know what I like or not.

I am curious to see what the phono stage reacts more, to different 6SL7, the exchange of various 12AX7 / ECC83 or to the rectifier.

I would have to look in the basement, there should still be an old little Grado MI a Rega MM and an Ortofon MC of the entry-level class. But actually I like my Benz Glider HO which has served me very well over the years. An alternative could be a new Ortofon Cadenza Blue with the transformer or a Grado Timbre Master 3. But who knows what the near future will bring.

I will first deal with the set up as it is now to get the sound the way I like it. This will take some time and many attempts with tubes.

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