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jdandy 11-07-2013 12:48 AM

Furutech Flux 50 Filter Review
by J. Dan Daniell

Furutech Company Ltd. has released the Flux-50 In-Line Power Filter. I received two Flux 50 Filters to audition. When holding one in your hand the weight is surprisingly heavy. The premium materials and finish relay a genuine sense of quality before you even put the Flux 50 into service. The beauty of the connectors is museum quality. The Flux-50 features Furutech’s Piezo Ceramic body, rhodium plated (Alpha) non-magnetic, pure copper conductors FI-50R connector on one end and incorporates the Furutech GC-303+EMI Filter, AC-1501R Rhodium plated (Alpha) non-magnetic, copper alloy conductors connector on the other end. Between these two highly specialized connectors is a length of Furutech’s proprietary power cable that features an (Alpha) conductor shield to protect against radiated noise and incorporates 68 strand Onide Continuous Cast copper wire for hot, neutral, and ground conductors with a special grade PE insulation that contributes to a reduction in capacitance.. The three conductors are jacketed within flexible PVC that incorporates carbon powder and ceramic materials followed by a full braided copper shield and an outer PVC jacket that is surrounded by a nylon yarn braid cover. In addition, Furutech provides the Flux 50 with their patent pending metal cable clamps that improve grip and reduces mechanically and electrically induced distortion plus their patent-pending specially engineered pressure plate. The Flux 50 in-line power filter is an engineering marvel.

I began my evaluation by installing one Furutech Flux 50 on my PurePower 2000 that feeds the studio two channel system components, a McIntosh C1000C/P, Esoteric K-03, Olive 04HD, and a pair of McIntosh MC2301 power amplifiers. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect in the way of performance enhancement. I didn’t know if the PurePower 2000 AC regeneration process might negate what the Flux 50 had to offer, but it seemed like the most logical place to begin. What happened next was not even subtle. Instantly my studio system background grew blacker. I know you’re probably thinking. “Sure it did.” I am not exaggerating, plus the sound stage opened in width and depth allowing every instrument and voice more space to perform in, more air would be the audio term. I am hearing added clarity and improved accuracy in ambient cues coming from the darker background. This enhancement aids my ability to localize the position of instruments and voices. The zest of dynamics seems to have improved. The three dimensional aspects of the sound stage and the essence of live versus recorded is reproduced with a sharper focus. I can’t begin to explain the science behind these improvements to my sound system, but they are real and immediate. The Furutech Flux 50 is an astonishing product.

All of what I just said is taking place with only one Flux 50 plugged into the PurePower 2000. The entire studio two channel system is powered by the PurePower 2000. What's been especially helpful for the comparison of the Flux 50, both in and out of the system, is the PurePower 2000 transfers to battery backup as soon as I unplug the power cord so I don't have to turn off the sound system or stop playing a particular track to install or remove the Flux 50 from the power line, making A/B comparisons simple and quick. This is a great feature of the Purepower 2000.

Listening to Anouar Brahem - The Astonishing Eyes Of Rita, the instruments were literally floating in the air from left to right across the sound stage. The same was true listening to Alison Krauss & Union Station – New Favorite. Alison’s voice on “Let Me Touch You For Awhile” put her physical presence centered directly in front of the speakers. The sensation exceeded just her voice. There was a strong sense of a three dimensional presence. When I removed the Flux 50 Filter from the PurePower 2000 some of the air was immediately sucked out of the performance. With the Flux 50 installed it's like someone flipped on the 3D switch. Removing the Flux 50 returned the sound stage to a narrower and shallower event, not that I ever thought my sound stage was anything but completely satisfying. None the less with the Furutech Flux 50 in the power line the improvement in the system's performance was striking and the difference is not subtle. Some instruments that had previously appeared in the left or right speakers moved outside the extreme left or right of the speakers. You won’t have to merely hope to experience something beneficial. No sir! The improvements in blacker background, enhanced micro details and a more three dimensional sound stage happens immediately. I expect the Flux 50 will show improved performance as the break-in progress continues. I am at a complete loss to explain how the Furutech Flux 50 does what it does. It seems like magic to my ears and mind. I don't have a clue what is going on with this technology but it is good, really good.

I may or may not try both of the Flux 50's just on the two MC2301 amps. Why? Because if I like them there I will be driven to want the Flux 50 Filter on the C1000C/P preamp, the Olive 04HD, and the Esoteric K-03. I already want to keep the one Furutech Flux 50 on my PurePower 2000. This single addition has me in awe of what I am hearing. I believe all of my components are benefiting from the single Flux 50 installed on the PuerPower 2000. I admit it is unusual for me to be so quickly overwhelmed by a power conditioning product. I tend to have more skepticism with power conditioning products than other audio related components. Often I will spend days or weeks listening. Sometimes it is only when I remove a power cord or power conditioning product that I become aware of the difference I was experiencing. The gains are often subtle. This was certainly not the case with the Flux 50 Filter. I am impressed enough with its positive impact on my studio system that I purchased one of the two review samples. After experiencing what the Furutech Flux 50 did for the system’s sound stage and overall presentation there was no way I was letting this special product slip through my hands. The Furutech Flux 50 retail price is $1249.00. That puts it on par with a premium power cord but not astronomically out of reach for high-end systems. It has increased my listening pleasure more than any power cord upgrade I have ever done. I realize this seems like a lot of gushing over what appears to be an expensive system tweak but I assure you the Furutech Flux 50 delivers the goods. If you have followed my component and cable reviews through the years you know I have no vested interest in blowing anything out of proportion. I do my best to relate my experiences exactly as I hear them. Such is the case here. I believe that anyone with a high-end system will hear a remarkable improvement in focus, air, sound stage width and depth, and a darker background by installing one or more Furutech Flux 50 Filters between their power cords and components. I could probably go completely overboard and plug a Flux 50 into both MC2301’s, the C1000C/P, the Esoteric K-03, and the Olive 04HD, but I have already reaped such a wonderful improvement from a single Flux 50 installed on the PurePower 2000 regenerator powering all of the system’s components that I think I’ll stop with just one……for now. The Furutech Flux 50 Filter is an outstanding power conditioning product. It gets a big thumbs-up from me.

Review update at post #39

MyPal 11-07-2013 01:00 AM

Dan... Great review! Eight of these just landed on my doorstep...I'm keener than ever to get these in today! They are certainly museum quality. Furutech Flux connectors are like jewellery. I've never seen anyone else come close to the quality and finish & I guess that is why other premium cable vendors use Flux connectors as their choice. eg. Siltech, Nordost.

Great to hear that you experienced an immediate dramatic improvement. The proprietary EMI filter & their GC-303 filler would be the major elements of this product.

I have always been a fan of Furutech Flux products & I have a lot of it in my system. My favourite to date has been the Furutech Silver Arrows Phono Cable...

The downside is that the rhodium plate has a long burn-in time...The Flux-50 Filter is going to continue to improve as it breaks in.

These will be playing alongside with Shunyata products, so it will be interesting!

Masterlu 11-07-2013 01:09 AM

Dan... Terrific review, thanks for taking the time and effort to post your findings!

Here is my original review over this past summer:

MyPal 11-07-2013 01:18 AM

I know that these are in high demand worldwide & wait time can be long.

Masterlu 11-07-2013 01:20 AM


Originally Posted by MyPal (Post 548575)
I know that these are in high demand worldwide & wait time can be long.

I have another dozen I just ordered, wait time was quoted as 2-3 months.

jdandy 11-07-2013 01:25 AM

Ivan.......The Flux 50 Filter impresses me on a level that I can't imagine anyone with a high-end system trying one or more and wanting to return them. Tomorrow I will be installing the second Flux 50 on the Power Plant Premier that powers my two MC601's in the living room system. I'll add my impressions tomorrow, but I have a strong feeling it will parrot what I have already said. The Furutech Flux 50 is crazy good.

Masterlu 11-07-2013 01:31 AM

If there is continued interest in these, I may put up a Group Buy in our Marketplace. :ok:

SS77 11-07-2013 01:44 AM

+1 for taking the time to share your review!
Will be watching closely the Marketplace for further details...
V-e-r-y tempting!

mgbaron 11-07-2013 02:24 AM

Dan, great review! The Shunyata products I've added to my system have had a profound effect, so I don't doubt your review in the slightest. I would love to hear one of these on my power conditioner.

Steve, I look forward to hearing how they play with your Shunyata gear.

MyPal 11-07-2013 05:16 AM

S T O P EVERYTHING. Goodness gracious me....These are a profound game changer. :yes:

The Furutech Flux-50 have unassumingly been available for a couple of years now. What a mistake to ignore these until now.

I have all eight installed in-line from components into 2 x Shunyata Hydra Talos. The 2 x Cyclops are still offline awaiting Zitron Anaconda wall umbilicals.

In-line power filtering is the way to go. These are on all MC2301s, C1000, MCD1100 & almost everything else that feeds from the Hydras including Denon HT side.

The Lady walked in & was blown away when she heard "Yello - Baby" CD playing....Yes CD. She stated & I agree, "this is the best sound I have ever heard & absolutely nothing can compete when comparing to the crippled systems that were playing at the recent Melbourne HiFi show".

Seriously everyone....Before you consider spending your hard earned dollars on a major component or system upgrade, get yourself some of these & listen again. The change is immediate but surely to improve as they burn in, especially the rhodium elements.

You will have centre stage in Superman's Crystal Palace with these scrubbing your power feeds. Guaranteed.

...and I thought I had good, strong & clean power coming into the Shunyata Hydras doing the rest, alone. How Wrong I Was!


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