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More on the Mini Dragon System
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More information for the curious...

Introduction to the Mini Dragon Speakers

Mini Dragon DAC/AMP/DSP Speaker System is a technological breakthrough in full-range two-channel nearfield listening. The sophisticated DSP-controlled planar magnetic speakers deliver an astonishingly vivid, dynamic, full-range sound with one of the available subwoofer options.

The Mini Dragon speakers are for stylish music lovers, sleek and elegant, housed in adjustable, collapsible, aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frames. A statement product on your office desk, a second system at home, or for mixing and mastering engineers who need unrivaled precision, accuracy, and mastery of the frequency, phase, and time domains.

Dragonfire Mini Dragon Satellites

You won’t have to turn them up loud for full-range, full-impact sound; they’ll do that at any SPL level with spectacular sound and imaging. How so? Conventional dynamic-driver speakers diffract soundwaves off speaker cabinets and nearby surfaces. The soundwaves bounce back and crash into each other causing interfering peaks and nulls.

Soundwaves from a planar magnetic source coherently propagate along the axis of the originating plane – like a laser beam – interfering far less with surrounding surfaces for much less distortion. Results are more dynamic lifelike sound with spectacular imaging and soundstaging.

The Dragonfire Mini Dragons’ planar drivers are ultra-efficient and require only few watts to generate normal listening levels. The Mini Dragons can be driven by a wide variety of high-end audio amplifiers.

Let us know if you have any questions or you'd like to know more about technical elements. A more comprehensive view of Dragonfire technology will appear on our website soon.

Complete Dragonfire System: Mini Dragon Speakers $4995 + Dragonfire MD-4 DAC/AMP/DSP with calibrated microphone for room correction measurements, Remote Control $2995 + Subwoofer $495, complete set of Kimber Cables for $1495, and the DSP and software license $495.

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