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Rooze 10-04-2022 09:23 AM

Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. Iíll start rolling through some of the tubes I have here for starters, and see where that takes me. Iíll also throw in a tubed preamp to replace the fairly clinical sounding W4S preamp that I started out with for convenience.

I have to say that this is a fantastic little amp! I wasnít expecting the level of resolution and dynamic ability from such an inexpensive component. Iíve a pair of 300b monoblocks that use a quad per side and itís great to have a worthy alternative that isnít costing a few bucks in tube life whenever I power it up.

Iíll post a picture of the system when I figure out how.


Formerly YB-2 10-04-2022 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by Rooze (Post 1067070)
Hello folks. I’m new to the forum and have spent several hours reading through this long and informative thread, primarily looking for tube recommendations for an Inspire KT88 SEP that I purchased over the weekend.
I’m using a pair of Decware Zen Master clones, an open baffle / fullrange driver design rated 100dB / 8 ohm.

I’ve a number of tube options on hand that I’ll begin experimenting with soon, but I wondered if someone might be willing to suggest a combination of output, input/driver and rectifier tubes that would deliver a warm, lush sound in the way of classic designs like the old Leak Stereo 20 that I remember so fondly, or even some of the older CJs?

With the stock GL KT88 the sound is detailed, dynamic, open/transparent, but lacks a little tube warmth and bloom.

Having only acquired the Inspire a couple days ago I haven’t played around much with cables and ancillaries, but I like what I hear so far and I’m just looking for a ‘quick-start’ to get me going in the right direction.

Many thanks!

While not in a an Inspire amp, I've always found the 6550s and other derivative tubes (EL34s, 7591s, KT77s, etc.) to provide a more 'liquid' mid-range. Of course, the bias has to be set properly for each different tube.

Formerly YB-2 10-06-2022 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by Masterlu (Post 1066548)

Terrific speakers. I've kept my pair longer (almost 4yr & counting) than any other set of speakers I've owned in the past 30+ years.

Analog Addict 10-07-2022 02:09 PM

I almost always prefer old stock US and Euro tubes. I tend to find many new manufacture Eastern bloc tubes harsher and less warm then the older tubes. If you’re stash is lacking in these tubes, I’d start with some 6F6s or 6V6s and see how you like them before moving on to the more expensive models…

But as suggested, don’t neglect rolling the driver tubes as well.

Isaacc7 10-11-2022 01:37 PM

I know I said I had found my combination but I was able to get a tube I never thought I'd be able to! Got in some Marconi b63 tubes. If you're not familiar, Marconi, Osram, and GEC are all the same company. The b63 is equivalent to a 12sn7. The b65 is the 6sn7 equivalent. I wouldn't recommend looking up the price of b65 tubes if you have any heart conditions. The b63 is much more reasonably priced (as all 12v tubes are) and I got some deals on them on top of that.

I got a pair of old school Marconi b63 (very different years and glass types unfortunately) made by MOV and a pair of tubes branded Marconi b63 but actually made by Fivre. The originals are a little smoother, there is a little bit of a glare/brightness in the lower treble with the Fivre. Having said that they are more similar than different. On the warm side, very detailed, more restrained highs, outstanding bass extension and definition, and there is a great depth to the image as well. The standout feature off these tubes has to be the timbre reproduction though.

Mind you, I wouldn't pay the going price of the b65 for the sound. I get most of the way there with the grey glass 14n7. Still, if you have deep pockets, the b65's reputation is well deserved. If you want the sound without breaking the bank get some b63 and an external heater supply. Still not cheap but the cheapest way to get hear the best versions of the *sn7 tubes.

khashmi 10-15-2022 04:04 PM

Not sure if anyone noticed but Steve Huff Photo and HIFI has the Inspire 300b amp for review. This should be interesting. First to my knowledge, that an Inspire amp has gone to a well known reviewer. He released a sneak peak to members only at this point, but I expect it to be public later this week.

Formerly YB-2 10-15-2022 09:27 PM

While nice to get a review, for me, Steve Huff is one of the most "Uninspired" of reviewers. Hope he does a better job than usual with the Inspire 300b.

khashmi 10-16-2022 11:29 AM

Update: Over 120 hours on the new production Gold Lion KT77’s and I’m really digging this power tube. Really really good. After falling in love with 6V6, I was a bit unmoved with the 807, but the KT77 is stopping me dead in my tracks just like the 6V6. It will be interesting to go back to them soon to compare, but I’m no rush.

Isaacc7 10-16-2022 04:28 PM


Originally Posted by khashmi (Post 1067500)
Update: Over 120 hours on the new production Gold Lion KT77ís and Iím really digging this power tube. Really really good. After falling in love with 6V6, I was a bit unmoved with the 807, but the KT77 is stopping me dead in my tracks just like the 6V6. It will be interesting to go back to them soon to compare, but Iím no rush.

It's always fun to find new tubes to enjoy. I think I mentioned it earlier but I really didn't like those 807 tubes when I first heard them, to the point that I was going to throw them out. Later on I was able to use them with a different input tube and really enjoyed them. It's all about the combinations!

I finally got some adapters for the 5b/254m, a shrunken down 807 from STC with a loctal base. Didn't really like them with my usual suspects of input tubes. The Raytheon 6f8g t plate came close but I still wasn't satisfied. On a whim I tried a clear glass RCA 6sn7. I haven't any luck with RCA tubes in this amp, input or output. Much to my surprise this combo is great! A satisfyingly thick sound. Sometimes it pays to be insane and have scads of input tubes to try:)

khashmi 10-22-2022 01:29 PM

The review dropped this morning:

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