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audioguy3107 08-07-2018 11:54 PM

Avalon Acoustics Isis Initial Impressions (pics)
Well, I just got them setup tonight, took 2 friends to get them out of the SUV this morning. I spent most of the evening moving them around just to get a feel for them. I started in the same place the Eidolons were with no measurements or anything. HOLY #$%^. Impressive to say the least. The soundstage is huge, wall to wall. Imaging is impressive but I'll wait to get them in their final positions to comment on that. Image depth (which is an Avalon trademark) is fantastic as well but the biggest difference so far is the diamond tweeter.....the Eidolon Vision used the standard ceramic tweeter which was nice but this is a whole new ballgame....smooth as silk. Ceramic tweeters can have a bit of an edge if you're sensitive to it, but not this. Smooth, extended, no grain whatsoever. Very impressive.

It took a couple of hours to get them focused but when I did, it was pinpoint. Very neutral and accurate, definitely one of the most neutral loudspeakers I've ever heard. Bass is much better although not as impressive as some flagships I've heard, but that's mainly my room. Jim Smith did measurements and unfortunately the placement of the seating is pretty much in the trough of the room node, but the RELs will take care of that. (I moved them out of the way to get the speakers started. Anyway, some pictures and more to come tomorrow night.

- Buck....oh, and by the way, classical (strings, concertos etc. is so far ridiculous...even my wife couldn't believe it. I played Bach's Brandenburg No.2, it was incredible)

audioguy3107 08-07-2018 11:56 PM

2fastdriving 08-08-2018 12:14 AM

Holy crap, buck! Beautiful! Congratulations!

jdandy 08-08-2018 12:22 AM

Buck.......Just beautiful. Congratulations. I see two Avalon Acoustics Isis speakers crying for a pair of MC2301's. . :angel:

For The Love of Music 08-08-2018 12:24 AM

Yes, nice looking setup!

Good to hear the passion on what top shelf gear brings - enjoy!

PHC1 08-08-2018 01:06 AM

Fantastic looking pair of speakers. I’m sure they sound as good as they look. Enjoy :thumbsup:

Antonmb 08-08-2018 01:29 AM

Really awesome speakers, congratulations. I can only begin to imagine how good they must sound.

SCAudiophile 08-08-2018 03:46 AM

Absolutely beautiful Buck, Congratulations!!!

Robert_Anderson 08-08-2018 05:03 AM


audioguy3107 08-08-2018 07:25 AM


Originally Posted by jdandy (Post 926196)
Buck.......Just beautiful. Congratulations. I see two Avalon Acoustics Isis speakers crying for a pair of MC2301's. . :angel:


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