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rjinaz86323 02-14-2022 06:03 PM

OneAC ConditionOne
Anybody know anything about these? What would be the minimum output that you would want for a McIntosh preamp and McIntosh power amp? Thx

audio bill 02-14-2022 08:48 PM

It depends on the specific components and their power consumption, so you'd have to check their specifications. The max total output specified at 2.0 amps may be enough for some preamps but would be current limiting and not suitable for most power amps. You would generally want some headroom with a max current significantly higher than the components rated max consumption. Hope that helps.

Formerly YB-2 02-15-2022 07:59 AM

Think I would stick with power conditioner/surge protector that is designed for audio use. Even an older/used unit would be preferable to one that is 'unknown' in the audiophile community.

Puma Cat 02-15-2022 01:37 PM

Get this instead. It has better plug outlets which grip the component plug VERY tightly for a good connection, comes with it's own, superb, power cord provides better dynamic transient current delivery (DTCD) than a stock or generic black power cord, and provides >10dB of Noise Reducton without the use of chokes or coils (which negatively impact DTCD). 10 outlets, with room for wall-wart style plugs, too. Also has a first-class Carling Electromagnetic breaker. Just launched yesterday. $798.

It will power your McIntosh gear WAY better than that "thing" above, it won't limit current delivery, and it will sound a lot better as well (especially if that OneAC thang has in it what I think it has in it-yeesh! :yuck:). MasterLu can get one for you, too...

I did the commercial product photography for Shunyata for this product (that's my image above), and have listened to it extensively, and I can tell you first-hand, the improvement in audio quality this brings to a system is VERY impressive. This bad boy is NO joke...I was fairly blown away by it the first time I put it in the system.

rjinaz86323 02-15-2022 02:37 PM

While I am sure you are correct, that is way out of my budget. I have learned a lot from several of you on this forum, but I am really swimming in the kiddy pool here. I am retired with minimal disposable income, as my only source of funds is my SS check, which allows me to live comfortably, but not much left for toys. Having McIntosh equipment has been a lifelong goal, and I had to sell a bunch of things I have collected over the years to come up with the funds. At this point I have nothing left to sell for additional funds. Not complaining, just trying to explain my situation.

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