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minnie55 08-29-2016 07:40 PM

Just wondering why we don't see Legacy speakers come up for sale that often? Do the Legacy owners like them that much they are not willing to part with them? I do like mine, but I am always open to other brands, that upgrade virus seems to bite all the time

JWH 08-29-2016 08:28 PM

I've been thinking about Lgeacy. What models do folks out there love?

audioguy3107 08-29-2016 10:06 PM

I've always heard great things about most Legacy doesn't seem that they have the popular dealer network that some like Wilson, Focal and Sonus Faber have. There has been universal praise for the Legacy V system in the literature, the system won The Absolute Sounds' product of the year award in 2015, no small feat.

V | Legacy Audio - Building the World's Finest Audio Systems

- Buck

wpascoe 08-30-2016 12:14 AM

I still think the best bang for the buck in audio is a pair of the original Focus towers. You can regularly find them in good shape used online for $2,000-$3,000. At 96 dB efficiency, even a McIntosh MC240 can drive them to good SPL. And they sound fantastic at high volume.

I flew to Chicago and then drove to the plant (several hours away) to audition the Whisper XDS and the then-new Aeris a few years ago. Decided on the Whispers because at the time the main set up had to double as the home theater set up and I wanted the wider sweet spot afforded by the Whispers. Enjoyed them immensely for the year I had them in the system before moving on, but eventually decided that I had invested too much in creating a good analog signal chain that it made no sense to reprocess the signal digitally and then back to analog (as was required by the speaker system).

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SCAudiophile 10-02-2016 09:03 AM

*****I am not a dealer and have no financial interest in the company whatsoever, just a long-term owner and fan...*****

Legacy has a very limited dealer network as they cut back on a much larger dealer network years ago for various reasons from what I was told and to keep the connection to the customer base more in keeping with how they started and gained accolades in their somewhat earlier years when it was owners helping prospective buyers based upon real, long-term listening experience, etc... Also, Legacy is extremely open to direct contact with their customers and operates and treats their customers more like family who happen to own their speakers than customers. There is also none of the 'high-end' audiophile speaker manufacturer hubris, secrecy about specs, arrogance, ridiculous "smoking their own exhaust" prices, etc....they are truly a joy to deal with and Bill and team really get into how their speakers play music. Having sat in at Legacy's showroom/factory for many hours listening to music with them, I can personally attest to this. My other comments are based upon 11 years of owning nothing but their speakers (save for a REL B1 Britannia sub that I loved....) for a 7.1 ch home theater/2-channel hybrid setup and for many years now, for my 2-ch rig.

I've owned (multiple years each): Focus 20/20, FocusHD, Focus SE, AERIS, Silver Screen II, Silver HD, MIST II, Studio HD and Victoria LE. I've done extended listening with Whisper HD (? forget exact model designator), Whisper XDS and the new "V" reference.

They are on a short list of manufacturers who pack a LOT more value into their speaker than the price they ask for them. Another thing is the total range of types of music they can play convincingly, that being all; I've never heard anything they don't play well and with ZERO ear fatigue even after 8+ hours. The sweet spot is huge and they are not 'finicky' to setup. I could go on and on but I'll stop at this point. Many who have been to my home over the years and heard various models will say similar things...

Depending upon your room size and budget, I'd suggest;

Focus HD or in particular FocusSE
Focus SE with WAVELET RoomEQ/DSP (new offering)
Whisper XDS (with its included processor) or prior models with Wavelaunch
"V" with WAVELET

All are extremely good/amazing (to me); you cannot go wrong with any of the above.

For smaller rooms and budgets, the Signature SE and Legacy's monitors will impress as well.

I'm glad to talk/answer questions within this thread, PM, phone, answer any questions anyone may have and to link you up with other Legacy owners as well.

GeAllan70 10-02-2016 10:48 AM,460

Ahh Mazing!!!


Reedarino 10-02-2016 05:09 PM

Ahh Mazing, I just bout the exact Focus SE in rosewood you show in your pic. Will pick them up in 2 weeks. What are you powering them with?

opnly bafld 10-02-2016 06:10 PM

That is an older version replaced by the much better IMO SE.

Masterlu 10-02-2016 06:13 PM

Reedarino... Welcome to AA! :wave:

vinod_david 10-03-2016 12:04 AM

Reedarino, welcome to AA.

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