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AVphile 09-07-2019 02:59 PM

Replacement with Equinox
I recently upgraded my interconnects between my preamp and power amps with balanced 39’ Wireworld Equinox cables. Just prior to this upgrade, I added a Denali 2000/T and Venom HC between the wall socket and my two amps. The Shunyata enhancements were expensive; the Equinoxes were not. At the very least, they have proven to be the “icing on the cake”. I invited the general manager of the leading high-end audio store in my area to hear my system. His professional opinion, in a word, was “fantastic “.

I am writing this posting to simply suggest that anyone considering upgrading interconnects — and for whom cost is a serious factor — think about Wireworld’s Equinox product line. I certainly have been delighted with the result, and I expect you probably would be, too.

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