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FreddieFerric 12-08-2018 06:17 PM

My TEAC Disaster Has Me Weeping
I posted what's below on another forum, but wanted to share the details of such a terrible mis-adventure in the hopes that some of the members here might have some ideas or thoughts.

So here's the situation. I had my Teac X1000R in the shop for calibration last week. After the job was done I went to pick it up and paid the bill. Since I've been battling a bulging disc in my lower back, the service tech was kind enough to carry the deck to the back seat of my truck and laid it down on the seat. (Yeah, you can see where this is going). In all fairness to him, he asked me if that was OK. Although I knew better, I said yes. I figured it would be safe just because of the shear weight of the deck. So, as it goes, a total Nimrod pulled out directly in front of me on the way home forcing me to hit the brakes pretty hard. The forces of nature being what they are, the deck slid right of the seat and crashed onto the floor of the truck. Not a far distance, maybe a foot, but enough.

When I got the deck home I hooked it up. The unit played perfectly in the reverse direction, but in the forward direction the right channel was barely producing any movement on the VU meter. Also, the capstan motor would not supply enough hold voltage to keep the pinch roller engaged unless you first fast forwarded the tape for a second or too. To make matters worse, when fast forwarding through a tape, the stop button had no effect on stopping the tape.

I hauled the deck back to the tech. He did a few tests on it while I was there and then figured he'd need to tear down the unit since he was concerned that one of the control boards at the bottom of the deck had suffered damage.

I'm figuring that the deck is either toast, or the repair cost would not be worth the investment. So, maybe it's time to move on. Needless to say, I'm heart broken over this.

Since I already have a BR20 and an RT-707, I want either another X1000R or some other brand that offers bi-directional playback. Bi-directional recording is not so important, but I'll take it if the deck comes with it. Bi-directional functionality is paramount for this deck.

My first thought is an RT-909. I've always kind of wanted one, and there are a few available here and there. I also like the look of the Akai GX635D and 747, but I'm concerned about parts availability and the level of difficulty in having it serviced.

Perhaps some of the members that have experience with these decks could opine as to what I can expect if I move on one of them.

Thanks for the read (sorry it's a bit long) and any help is, as always, much appreciated.

Masterlu 12-08-2018 08:01 PM

I’m sorry to read about this tragic dilemma. I have occasionally placed audio gear on my car seat, but always use the seatbelt.

FreddieFerric 12-08-2018 08:34 PM


Originally Posted by Masterlu (Post 944045)
Iím sorry to read about this tragic dilemma. I have occasionally placed audio gear on my car seat, but always use the seatbelt.

Thanks Ivan, I knew against my better judgment that I should have stood it up on the floor and wedged it between the back and front seats. That's how I got it there, but I was in such discomfort the idea of moving it wasn't very appealing.

W9TR 12-09-2018 08:44 AM

A bird in the hand......if the damage isnít crazy bad, servicing what you have is a known adventure. Buying a vintage deck with uncertain provenance is always tricky. So unless youíre just tired of the X1000R you may be better off keeping it.

Iíve owned a 747 and found it to be an excellent performer. Donít know anything about the Pioneer, or the care and feeding of these decks for that matter.

Enjoy the hunt!


FreddieFerric 12-29-2018 10:42 PM

Well, my Teac X1000R saga is finally over. I sent the deck up to Chicago to a genuinely qualified tape deck repair shop. As it turns out, the only thing that was wrong with it (actually multiple things) was the damage the utter Clown-A$$, that being my local tech, did to the deck. Just about every conceivable voltage was set incorrectly. It seems, the shot it took in the car had absolutely no detrimental effect on it.

The Chicago tech fixed it in 3 days and sent back a complete report on it. He told me he sees this kind of crap all the time. The deck is spinning right now and sounds fantastic! Dead silent operation and every element of it is spot on right. :thumbsup:

Freddie is a happy camper tonight gents. Got the Makers 46 in the tumbler and Boz Scaggs crooning to me.

Life's Good. :yes:

PHC1 12-29-2018 10:45 PM

All's well that ends well. :thumbsup: Enjoy your deck. :music:

Cohibaman 12-29-2018 11:00 PM

Thatís really good news! Iím sure youíll be staying away from your local ďtechĒ.

djwhog 12-29-2018 11:15 PM

Well that was a crap trip and issues ugg... as your story stated, glad you got her fixed the correct way. Wow what a bummer so sorry, but glad you were able to save it minus the extra $$$...

bart 12-30-2018 09:53 AM

Freddie, I'm happy for you!
Happy New Year!

Antonmb 12-30-2018 10:41 AM

Great outcome - happy listening Freddie.

FreddieFerric 12-30-2018 10:46 AM

Thanks guys. It's such a relief to finally have this resolved. I look at it this way..., inflating 1981 dollars to present value would put a new X1000R right at $4,000. I have way less in this deck than that and that includes the damage done by Mr. Moron.

As opined above, the local "tech" is toast in my book.

Bias on the LHII switch is set for the ATR Magnetics MDS36 tape and I'm sitting on a few blank reels. I plan on putting one to work today. I think I'll even go the DBX route as well. What the heck, you only live once! :thumbsup:

richardallred 12-30-2018 09:34 PM

Very happy for you

sefischer1 12-30-2018 11:15 PM

Lack of techs qualified to service tape machines isn't new. I had difficulty back in the mid-70s. Glad you were able to get it running.

RLF 12-30-2018 11:31 PM

Iím happy to hear that things worked out for you. That being said, please be sure to take of your back. I have always been very active, but a major, but much needed back surgery set me back a few steps.

Maks 01-03-2019 06:41 PM

Nice to see it all worked out. And yeah, good techs are getting harder and harder to find.

FreddieFerric 01-03-2019 09:05 PM

Thanks for the nice replies gents. I agree, qualified techs are becoming increasing difficult to find. The problem is age. Most of the guys that were in the business 40 years ago are in their 60's and later. Sam Palermo in Chicago is top notch on Teac, Tascam and Pioneer decks. Probably other makes as well. What I like about him is he is still passionate about tape decks and pays close attention to all the little details.

I'm so encouraged and pleased with the results that I bought an excellent condition RC100 remote for it. I put it through its paces tonight and it performs perfectly. Now ol' Freddie doesn't have to rise from his command center position to do mundane tasks like FF or RR or Pause. Being able to zoom through a track you don't really want to hear is sweetness defined. :yes:

And BTW, the DBX feature on this deck is really, really good.

FreddieFerric 02-09-2019 01:28 PM

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While I had the Nikon out shooting a few pics of the new Soundsmith cartridge, I thought I'd share a photo of the newly re-calibrated X-1000R. She's spinning The Division Bell in this photo.
Working beautifully now. :thumbsup:

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richardallred 02-09-2019 07:46 PM

There is just something special about. R2R. Looks awesome, and I bet sound that way as well.

damacman 02-11-2019 01:10 AM

Man, I must be the only guy without a set of those fancy NAB hub adapters on either or my RTRs ... Must have ...

Catcher10 02-11-2019 01:58 AM

Sam is absolutely the best tech in the US....period. Regardless of where you are, pay the extra shipping and wait the extra time (he is usually really booked), because what you will get back is nothing short of mint condition and calibrated perfectly.

I have taken my deck to a local shop but they do not have the bench gear or expertise to handle detailed calibrations. I let them change belt and reset speed, as I don't have a test tape. That's all they do for me other than clean heads and demag.

Sam has even helped me DIY my deck.....I hope he never retires.

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