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Default Wireworld's New 6.0 Interconnects

Yep, here goes another interconnect thread, but even this experience surprised me.

I have used, and enjoyed Tributaries Silver Series interconnects (rca and xlr) for many years. Several dealers have attempted to woo me to brands like Cardas, Audioquest, Nordost, and Kimber, but I never found any of those company's cables superior to the Tributaries I was using.

Last year I decided to try the Wireworld Silver Eclipse 5.2 balanced interconnects. I installed a pair between my C2300 and the MC501's, and between the MCD500 and the C2300. Initially I was impressed with a sense of greater detail in the upper midrange and above. I swapped the Tributaries in and out of the system a day at a time, listening for differences, trying to decide if I was liking what I was hearing. Ultimately, I returned to my trusted Tributaries Silver Series cables, and returned the Wireworld 5.2 Silver Eclipse cables to the gracious dealer. What I had discovered during the six days audition was a brightness that initially seemed thrilling, but which quickly began to fatigue my ears. At about day three of the audition I found myself not wanting to turn on my system. My ears needed a break. I had never before felt this way about my sound system. This is why the Tributaries went back in.

Well, this year Wireworld has reengineered their interconnect line to the 6.0 series, so I decided to try the new Silver Eclipse 6.0 interconnects. I ordered one meter, and one and a half meter balanced pairs, and again installed them between the preamp and the amps, and between the MCD500 and the preamp (now the new C1000C/P). I was not truly expecting this new series to be much different than the 5.2 series, but I was mistaken, The new 6.0 series of the Silver Elcipse interconnects is the smoothest, most well balanced from top to bottom of any interconnects I have had the pleasure to hear. There is added detail from the lower midrange, all the way through the top octaves. Returning to the Tributaries Silver Series interconnects now revealed a slight loss detail that I was never aware of before. Needless to say, I kept both pairs of the new Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6.0 balanced cables, and have listened to them as much as 16 hours straight without a hint of fatigue. These interconnects are excellent performers, and well worth an audition. I highly recommend them.

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