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Originally Posted by o0OBillO0o View Post
I'm starting to notice the Yamaha NS10M is in a bunch of these Mastering Studios.

Any experience? Apparently if you own a CD then 90% of your music was created using these monitors.
Bill - I was the sound guy in a large church for several years and attended several audio conferences during that time. The Yamaha NS10M was in use in every studio/conference/seminar I attended. The NS10M has a very loyal following in the studio (both love and hate) and will blow the hat off your head when asked. They are extremely revealing and excel when getting a good mix for low-end systems is a goal - which unfortunately as you noted, represents the vast majority of listeners.

After an extended session in Nashville a couple years ago, I drove straight home and ordered a pair of it's little brother, the HS50M and a HS10W sub for my office. For the size (great for a desk) and money, they can roll when it's time to rock!


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