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Originally Posted by A/V Solutions View Post
The footfall issue will most likely not be cured with a Gingko, if it were air born vibrations or vibrations with in the gear itself that's where the Gingko would be effective and works great. The motion a footfall produces is just way to much energy for the Gingko......I have had the line for the past five years and thier products in my systems in hopes of eliminating the footfall problem in my current room but they actually made it worse......The fix was going under the house and reinforcing the floor joist and adding jacks.
Jeff, that was my problem (joists over a crawl space) and it didn't really help as was your case. I eventually sold the Ginko & the owner was pleased that he no longer experienced issues with his heavy foot traffic. That in turn made me happy.

Suggested the Ginko as Vin is a great guy & makes a nice product. Everything is system dependent -- tweak "A" may work in my system & have different results in someone elses.

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