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Originally Posted by MyPal View Post
[B]Cyril & 'cisco... [/BI would like to get something under the MT10 & would be happy to try a few things. To begin with, I will try some Vibrapods with 1mm balsa discs underneath because they are cheap & easy to get... Not sure if I want to go way of the bicycle tube but I'm open to suggestions...
Try a Ginko platform. Do a search on Ginko isolation platforms -- Vin is a great guy. YMMV.

Amps: MC2301 tube mono's/dedicated 20A breakers.
Preamp: VAC Sig MK IIa w/phono in Black w/silver controls
Digital Source: dCS Paganini 4 stack (Transport/DAC/Clock/Upsampler)
Analogue Sources: SME 20/2 w/SME V arm & Nordost Valhalla TA cable, Palo Santos Presentation Cartridge & Akai GX-400D Reel-to-Reel w/relapped heads by JRF Magnetic Sciences.
Tuner: McIntosh MR74 and MR71 w/L12 Cabinets
Vibration Control: HRS NA150's under amps & dCS 3 stack. HRS NA100's under dCS Transport and 3 per under each VAC Signature MK IIa Preamp instrument
Speakers: Raidho C3.1's in Burl Walnut
Power Isolation: Isoclean PT-3030G III 3KVA Isolation Transformer w/Isoclean Super Focus In/Out Cables.
Power Bar: Isoclean ICP 206 Non-Filtered Power Bar.
Power Cables: Wireworld Platinum Electra on amps, preamp & each dCS Paganini component.
Power Outlets: Isoclean ICP-003 Power Wall Socket.
Speaker Cables: Wireworld Platinum Eclipse
Signal Cables: WireWorld Platinum Eclipse XLR's on dCS Paganini & VAC Sig MK IIa to MC2301's. Wireworld Platinum Starlite 110 ohm Balanced on dCS internal connections and Crystal Cable Firewire 1394 cables on dCS.
Headphones: Sennheiser HD-800's and Koss Pro IV AA.
Tube Test Gear: Mint late '60's/calibrated Heathkit TT-1A & current SOTA MaxiMatcher tube test sets.
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