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Originally Posted by JSCC View Post
Hi Crion,

I will be KEEPING the 808.3 and the 800v4 DAX (although its obsolete I do love the machine, itself a very, very good CD/DVD player cum Preamp). I am adding the 861v6 and a WHITE DSP7.2kHC, if I get the right price I am willing to pay for these 2 equipments. Its time I hit back with a low discount offer.

In fact, a source I know in UK had a WHITE 808.3 to which I can trade, but for color, I do have a problem as where can I find a WHITE color 800v4 front panel? Unless I buy the Ruby where Meridian is committed to supporting the entire range of SAME color, don't think they will do a white specially for me. So, it will be black for the 808.3, 800v4 and 861v6, while the speakers will be white.

The Audience I have in mind is of the 20A version, so do have enough nice to power the speakers. Its because it has 12 outlets I am interested, as it does saves me a lot of space behind the cabinet. The Shunyata Triton only has 8, an improvement of only 2 outlets per se.

As usual, thanks for the advise as I value them dearly. The input serves me well when making the right decisions, even though at times, I may even stall on them, unlike the past, where I am so easily parting my hard earned monies and then finding I have made a boo-boo.


I agree the 40th Ann is probably a little bit steep at $S50k extra. Any reason not to try the 818? You can still keep your 808.3.

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