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Originally Posted by Masterlu View Post
I use these, they slide under and grab everything.

Same here Ivan

Heroes don't wear capes, they wear dogtags.


Main system: McIntosh MC275VI, C220, Rega Dac, Marantz SA8004 cd/sacd, Harbeth SHL5 speakers, Skylan stands, JPS Labs Superconductor Q cables & ic's, Illuminati d60 digital coax, Standesign rack & amp stand, API 114 Powerwedge.

Headphone system: Burson Soloist SL amp, BelCanto cd3t, Theta DSPro Basic IIIA dac, Sennheiser hd580, HiFiMan he-400i, Grado sr325i Headphones, Audioquest ic's, Illuminati d60 digital coax.
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