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I persanally don't think Massa will finish this year. Montezemollo is pushing to win this
year's championship given that the Redbull and McLaren are not dominating, specially in
this chaotic season. Massa is currently the weak link and since he won't contribute to
the Ferrari tally, that will cause them to loose. Look at Renault: even when they are not
winning, their consistent finishes by both Raikkonen and Grosjean are lifting them to 3rd
already ahead of Ferrari. Finishing one step behind from last year won't be acceptable at
all for them.

It's a shame since I like Massa -- by one 'corner' he would be a World Champion, but
consistency is key and he has to adapt to the tires (ditto for Schummacher), but there
is no time for that.

My vote is for Sergio to replace him obviously and he'll do well. Since no one is expected
to dethrone Alonso, he'll have time to step it up, but in the meantime he can be getting
points for the team. Being in the podium is what it will count this year.

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