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Jerry, I was actually proposing a less expensive bang for the buck upgrade because I know how well both the Hydra and the DSP8k's respond to wire gauge improvement.

Hydra Talos -> Wall = Shunyata Hydra HC VTX cable (9 gauge)
Hydra Talos -> DSP8kSL = 2x Shunyata Hydra HC VTX cable (9 gauge)
Hydra Talos -> 808.3i = Shunyata Zitron Cobra (10 gauge)

The plan here is that 9 gauge cable is suitable for big amps and powerconditioners while the more refined and smaller 10 gauge cobra gets used on the source/preamp low voltage components.

Now you can ofcourse exchange the "Hydra HC VTX" (9 gauge) cable with the Zitron Python (9 gauge) or the Zitron Anaconda (7 gauge). But I wanted to give you an example of an immediate "non-expensive" route to better powerhandling and dynamics of core components in your setup.

I run a Furutech Flux 8 gauge to my Triton and Furutech 9 gauge to my DSP8k's and DSP7200HC. And while I'm invested in Furutech PC's I have full confidence that Shunyatas PC's will be of similiar (or even better?) benefit.

Howie, I run a 2012 861V6/ID40. After I heard about the Ferrites used in the Anniversary system I put ferrites on all incoming TP ethernet cables, cable TV, unshielded PSU cables for routers etc. Everything that wasn't an audio cable to "quiet things down". And it worked!

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