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Default Zitrons - a warning on the way of the burn

Well, just one day short of a fortnight after hooking up the sexy new Cobra Zitron power cable to the Hydra and the honeymoon was suddenly and scarily over. Nirvana went out the window faster than most of the brides you get on the internet.

Staging just collapsed and retreated into a quiet mope and the music while still very pleasant, natural and grainless was more like we had just switched to auxiliary power... where was all the lusty enthusiasm from the early days.

I am not really concerned because I had been well pre-warned but I must admit I was surprised at how clear and obvious the shift was. This would have been just a shade past the three hundred hour mark in burn in as it is on 24/7 atm. Far more obvious than most burn in transitions I have been through... maybe there is a teflon capacitor hiding in that Zitron somewhere.

There was also a sudden day of harder etchiness at that time as well. Over the last few days some of the initial very startling clarity has started to make its way back out of the haze thank the heavens. Even at the peak of the slump it was still so much better than my pre Shunyata life by any reckoning.

This is the norm with the new Zitrons apparently. Disturbing and temporary but thought worth a reassuring mention for others. Will update as she goes. Apparently the lights all turn on again getting towards the 500 hours mark ... fingers crossed in hope... a small test of faith and apparently no-one who has been through it has failed to make it to the other side and back into the light.


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