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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
You can't have it both ways. There's a vast difference between $8,000.00 and $5,500.00. When we have praised the Oppo to the high heavens we talked about the end resut, i.e. performance. Nobody cared about build quality. McIntosh has created a player with USB capability, equal or better audio/video peformance than the 881, and that provides 3D capability, all for $2,500.00 less money. I call that a significant upgrade, the kind that a lot of folks wanting to purchase their first Mac product might jump at. The 881 is a very fine player, all the unjustified criticism notwithstanding. If I were young and on a limited budget wanting my first Mac, the 991 would be the player for me.
I have owned the Oppo BD-83 and the Marantz UD9004 at the same time in my movie room. The only thing that the Marantz had against the Oppo was the load time. Other than that, the Marantz was the clear winner between the two, video and picture wise.

At the moment I have in my movie theater the MVP881 and the BD-93. Even dough the 881 and the Marantz share the same software, video chip and design, the 881 it's a different sounding machine, even through HDMI. Against, the BD-93 the 881 it's just way better. For $500.00 the BD-93 is an amazing purchase, but it's not in the same league of the 881.

I'm getting an 891 in a few weeks and will do a/b comparison with the 881. The 891 is based on the Marantz UD7006, which I also own in my studio room.
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