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Originally Posted by ronenash View Post
Yes, based on my experience. Less cost in chassis design more in parts quality. The et3 also includes a more modern circuit design based on the GAT.
Rone, my only contention with that argument is I believe the msrp on the ET-2 was $3800; whereas the ET-3 is $2500. So the argument could be made that extra $1300 accounts for the fancy case...or lack thereof...and that both units use parts of the same relative value.

I created this thread, because I'm considering the ET-3 to replace my ET-2. My only concern is, sometimes...when C-J guys say it sounds "better", they mean more "tube-y". I'm not looking for extra warmth; in fact, I thought the ET-2 was plenty warm...but still with good detail of course; until a new DAC made me realize my old one was veiling the sound a bit (and that's the first time I've EVER used "like a veil was lifted", in reference to a new piece of

I'm REALLY happy with the sound of my system right now; I'm only considering the ET-3 for the tube-rolling flexibility. If it was "better" to boot, that would be icing on the cake, of course; but I'm hesitant to mess with a good thing.
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