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Originally Posted by Kal Rubinson View Post
I don't know if I agree with your preference, partly because you are comparing very different symphonies, but I do appreciate the parallel between Fischer and Dorati, both passionate Hungarians. Note that Dorati recorded very little Mahler and that Fischer will only be recording those he wants to. Also, there are other Mahler conductors who are much more visceral than MTT and, especially, Inbal. Try the Bernstein/VPO Mahler 6, for example.
Am going to look to earlier Mahler recordings to see what the greats have to say on these works... was looking first to Bruno Walter but will definitely check out Bernstein now as well thanks Kal... the advice is helping a lot and Mahler is proving a rich and rewarding territory to be travelling through.

As a happy aside I downloaded the hi-res version of Mahler 6 from Channel Classics... the final movement of The Tragic symphony proved true to name being 33 minutes long at 24/176khz it was nearly a GB in size and crashed my system whenever I tried to play it...I run Puremusic in memory mode and think the file size must be the issue as the program closes down when tryng to load the final movement as a FLAC... this never would have happened in Mahler's day.

The happy part is that when I originally thought that there might have been a corrupt file on the server I emailed Channel Classics just asking them what they thought might be the issue... to my complete surprise I got an email back from Jared Sacks (chief audio engineer and owner of Channel Classics I believe) on Good Friday morning offering suggestions on how to re download and how to fix things... just really great support ... nothing Tragic about this.

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