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Originally Posted by jprice View Post
I do prefer the Pentatone recordings - and I have all four. I think Egarr embellishes the organ too much, plays too loud, and overpowers the accompanying musicians.

Think the Chorzempa/Schroder releases are more balanced (and more beautiful) Downside of those SACD's is mechanical noise from the ancient tracker organ mechanism.
We are not the same on this. But that's what music is all about. One person's gem is another's turd.

I like the balance of the organ on the Egarr recordings. I think it's just right. Not too laid back, not overpowering, but spirited. The whole group gels really well. And I love the use of the lute and baroque guitar continuo.

As for the embellishments, I like them. Handel knew of the French style of embellishment and would likely have employed it. You can hear similar style on Kenneth Gilbert's Harmonia Mundi recordings of Handel's Grand Suites for Harpsichord (highly recommended, BTW). His student, Scott Ross, really had great mastery of that (his STIL recording of Rameau's keyboard music is amazing) Anyway, I think liberal embellishment works well with Handel's music.

With that said, I do like the Chorzempa recordings. I have the first volume, and will get the other three sometime.

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