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Originally Posted by Victor View Post
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!

As a few of you posted, I did in fact take the week off to celebrate my birthday. I picked a great week for it, the weather has been amazing all week, got in a few nice bike rides. My sister came in town to visit and take me to the Herbie Hancock show Wednesday night. He put on a great show. I was expecting a short show. He played for about 2 1/2 hours, that's pretty good for a 72 year old, he played and looked like he was a 50 year old. Went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art one day and saw a Van Gogh painting that wasn't there last time I went. And last night went to the symphony where they played Holst The Planets. The conductor was so excited that he actually grabbed a microphone and spoke to the audience for 10 minutes about some of the most interesting features of The Planets before they played it. I've heard conductors have a talk well before the symphony performance but never right before they were to play like this, it was a fun experience and the musicians gave an amazing performance.

All in all a fantastic week, too bad it's back to work tomorrow.
What a wonderful week!
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