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Nice! Sorry, I'm not sure how/why I replied to an old post. :-)

Office: KEF R500 Speakers, Audio Research Ref. 150 Amplifier, Esoteric D-07X Asynchronous USB DAC (with digital volume control serving as preamplifier), Apple Mac Mini (lossless or high resolution files played using iTunes via Audirvana), Furman IT-Reference 20i Power Conditioner, Audioquest Gibraltar Speaker Cables, Wireworld Silver Eclipse 6 XLR, WW Silver Electra 5.2 PC on amp, WW Stratus PCs rest of system, WW Starlight USB cable. HRS Damping plate on the Ref. 150.

Family Room: Monitor Audio Silver RX6 speakers, McIntosh MA6600 Integrated Amplifier, Pro-Ject RME 9.1 TT w/ Sumiko Blackbird MC Cart.

Awaiting HT/Listening Rooms Plans: Vandersteen 5A speakers
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