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Originally Posted by Amfibius View Post
Actually I was thinking about the 5D3. It really is close to perfect. I mean - what more could you want?
Depends on the application. To a pro, a camera and lenses are tools, the right one to be used for the right job. It's getting the required image that counts.

For all but studio, sports, or photojournalism, the 5D MkIII would be the camera to get.

But for studio work, sports photography, or photojournalism, the 1DX. Especially for sports or news photojournalism, you need the ruggedness and weatherproofing that the 1D-series body has. Trust me, I've bounced my 1D's around enough jumping (and by jumping, I mean that literally) over fences and K-rail. I've shot my 1D's in everything from 105 deg. heat to a blizzard in Colorado...

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