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I'm always interested to see articles about vinyl, but, personally I think this particular writer is about 4 years too late. The "resurgence" was about four or five years ago. I've read similar articles dating back to 2008 in other periodicals and papers, e.g. the New York Times, and other sources too numerous to mention.

Also, I found the content of the WSJ piece to be, almost word for word, exactly the same as the multitude of other stories I've read since 2008 on the "vinyl resurgence", so virtually no new insights here, unfortunately.

As Robert Harley pointed out in his analog coverage at CES 2012 for The Absolute Sound:

"It’s finally time to drop the phrase "the resurgence of analog.” The boom in LPs and the products to play them has long since passed the “resurgence” phase and is now a full-fledged, integral component of the high-end landscape."

Harley's on point here, judging by the no. of rooms I saw at RMAF that had a turntable in them. In 2009, when I went for the first time, about 45% of rooms had TTs and LPs to listen to. This year, it was exceptional to see a room that did not have a TT and LPs in the room.

So, Robert's right...the resurgence is over. Vinyl's back, baby! And it ain't goin' away...thank goodness for that!
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