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Originally Posted by jasont

It seems odd that the ARC might not pair well with them. I believe its bigger brother the DS450 is a common and well-regarded mate. If I ended up going this route and wanted to stick with the DS225 I'd try an LS27 and see if that improves things.

Regarding removing the attenuators, I can ask. Is that something that one should or shouldn't do? Or does it depend on your gear? I have a lot to learn...

My older bro has the 20.1s paired with ARC hybrid amp - and it was a bit forward for me. I find the ARC gear to be on the cooler side of the spectrum and if room acoustics plus resistors/attenuators are absent and panels not broken in then all that plus cabling (my dealer used nordost with Ayre amp which was fast but strident) could make it a bit forward. The resistors are simple to add or remove - one for tweeter and one for midrange on each speaker. Magnepan recommends using both during break in and the tweeter attenuators even after break in. Throttles down hi freq relative lower freq. And I run a sub which adds more foundation/weight. I have heard very few speakers I would use without a sub (Vandersteen). Good luck.


I have a jumper for midrange and duelund .6 cast resistor for tweeter.
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