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It's not just the music!

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The simplicity, compactness and that gorgeous sound is all I need in my more intimate, "smaller scale" of things, analog room.

When the mood strikes to listen to CDs or do more of a "critical" listening session where I want to get a "bigger scale", fully resolving and detailed yet well balanced sound that excites with the visceral impact and a soundstage that opens up and envelops you from all the sides, I retread to my theater where the sheer grunt and control of the Bryston muscle drives the Sonus Fabers with the Krell Class A preamp and EAR tubed CDP providing the balance of harmonic tube richness and bloom with the resolution and drive of solid state.

I think the two rooms are very different yet both so satisfying on different levels!

Yes, Ivan, I do know what you mean about the variety and different systems!
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