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Default Caps not listed in 2205 Service Manual

Be aware that caps are missing from the Replacement Parts list at the back of the Mc Service Maunal. Here's my advisory.. please comment if in error:

This advisory refers to the MC2205 Service Information booklet (Service Manual) McIntosh Part #039-239. There are four capacitors on the Power Output PC Boards: C223,C225 & C224,C226 which are not listed in the Replacement Parts list located on the last two pages of the booklet/manual. The parts are 3.3uF, 35v electrolytic capacitors. Please note the Parts List in the manual does not list these caps. Be sure to include Qty:4 of these caps on your overhaul order sheets.

That being said.. the four caps are not directly in the signal path, but connect the DRIVE LIMITER circuits to it (signal path). Are Black Gate 50v PK series required here?, another suitable cap, or can the originals be left in place for another 10 years or so?

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