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Originally Posted by Victor View Post
You can count me out, I'll never catch you or Jeff.

I do still have more to load but lately I've been spending more time listening than loading.

My latest Sooloos achievement is getting rid of all my duplicates, I spent several weeks listening/figuring out which copy sounded best and deleting the others. Between CDs, high res downloads, DVDs, LPs... at one point I had about 150 titles that I had multiple copies of.

Jerry, you've done a lot of Sooloos work, now spend some time enjoying the music.
Now I know why you CANT catch up cause you are now doing the "DELETING OFF DUPLICATES"!

This would effectively mean you might end up finding you have one too much of the Twinstore. Plus like throwing away some CD's just because they are duplicates.

Being nostalgic would prevent me from doing what you had done, cause even though I may not listen to a particular "duplicate" CD, I will still keep it, to remember who gave it to me and what I had been doing at that point in time.

Talking about spending time doing a lot of work, I can quote my friend Howie ... "My neck and eyes still hurts from all that loading". Yes siree, my eyes are still teary whenever I look at my Sooloos and now I have to do another 1.6k of Cover Art, Labels and searching to ensure information accuracy in the Sooloos on all the CD's I uploaded.

Last thing I would like to have is a Barry Manilow CD showing DECCA as his label and that he started singing his hit in 2001. This example of how wrong information would really upset me.

I suppose I will now STOP at 5070 CDs. Next would be to do an external backup, then reformat the C15+Twinstore. After which, reload all the files onto just the 2 Twinstore only such that everything now have a back up within the Sooloos system. I dread to think that information on the C15 have to be backup on an external drive.

Yes, I am listening to the system and with each passing day, I love my Meridian setup more and more! I'll also start listening to my vinyl collection too! Had not been doing that for the past 2 months as busy loading/cleaning the Sooloos files.

I am sure I will be listening and enjoying the music from my chair when all the chores had been completed! Estimate this will be sometime late July.

Hopefully, by then, I will be ready for Jim's visit to this part of the world and hopefully, he can give an honest assessment of my humble system. Of course, a bad one will probably pave the way for an excuse for another combo

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