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Default 2 vs 4 wire speaker cable

I have decided I want to upgrade my current Audioquest speaker wire, I think it may be my speaker wire causing some harsh sound from my speakers. I listened to a pair of B&W 802d's today with Transparent speaker cable and was able to hear a difference. Of course there speaker wire was about 10 inches thick and more than I'll consider spending. My current speaker wire is bi-wired on one end. 4 inputs on one side and 2 for the amp. IS there really a difference between speaker wires having just 1 black and 1 red end V.S. 2 red and 2 black ends (bi-wire). Would you get the same effect if you used the jumper cables that come with the speakers? to make fake bi-wire. ( to still use all 4 speaker connectors). I noticed they were using the B&W jumpers and only using 2 wire transparent speaker connections.
So, will the result be the same using the bi-wire terminal jumpers as using bi-wire speaker cables? Just wondering because there is a price difference between 2 and 4 ends. I hope this makes sense, p.s. I want to purchase speaker wire from wireworld, any suggestions? without breaking my bank.
2 10 foot runs and 1 8 foot run. Just kinda confused if i should buy bi-wire or use the jumpers. If there is no difference in sound I cant justify the expense. HELP! I'M SPEAKING IN TONGUES
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