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Originally Posted by kfr01 View Post
Wowsa. This one looks great:

Aesthetix Pandora tube 24/192 DAC

Digital Audio Blog: Aesthetix Pandora tube 24/192 DAC
kfr01...I have been waiting for the Pandora DAC and/or the Romulus Transport/DAC to get reviewed. This is the first digital offering from Aesthetix which obviously started out with some great phono and linestage preamps before moving to power amp and now digital offerings. Does not seem to be much discussion in other forums about either of these. If you dig up any user info/feedback on these please let us know. The ARC DAC 8 has been reviewed out there and has a fair amount of user feedback on the forums and is the other unit I am eyeing. But I am intrigued by the Aestheitx offerings.
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