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Hi Jerry,

Indeed, my idea with the Olive was to get the same level of sound of my cd drive but with the convenienve of a server. Which I got actually, when "it worked". The sound of the Ikemi drive was probably less neutral by just a very small margin, a tiny bit of warmer and deeper, but the difference was so small that I could forget it easily with the convenience of the server.

The Squeeze Box is a cheap solution and if I don't like it, no problem. My son will get it. I will try that and maybe that, like JM, I will also find very small differences between it and my drive... I will mostly play from my itunes files or I will try to import files with db poweramp or AVS.

The Bryston music player is also very tempting but I will wait for the NAS ability.

Thanks a lot for your comments and advices !

( PS / I did not receive my money back yet cause the unit is still in my home waiting for the french importer rep to pick it up )
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